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The Association supports a number of businesses who have particular expertise and are trusted with withing the militaria 



Silhouette Militaria

Craig Lovejoy 0413 167 465

With over 35 Years in the Militaria Trade.

We specialize in Australian Militaria of all types from Pre Federation times to the Modern Day.

But we do Sell, Trade and Swap Militaria and Collectables from Ancient Roman times to the more current Armies & Conflicts from around the world.

If you are looking for something from your Service Days in Defence, Historical reasons or you are a Collector, Please let us know what you are chasing and we will endeavour to help you any way we can.

Remember, Just Call or Email us for any of your collecting needs.

Or Visit us at Militaria-Market World Auction site to see the over 5000 plus items we have listed for sale and our stock is growing every day


Militaria Market World Auction Site

Dave Grimshaw

This website is run by long time collectors of military items, and is intended to provide a reasonably price platform for such collectors of any experience level to buy, sell or trade such items.

We are based in Australia, but welcome people from all over the world, to join.

We have no particular political or social agenda to push, and the only restrictions on what may be sold relate to the applicable laws in the countries involved.

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