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Collectors License Process

Members wishing to obtain a collectors firearms will require a collectors license. Association membership gives members access to resources and assistance. In effect there are three types of collectors Heirloom, Open Collectors and  Open Collectors with post 1947 handguns.  The Association does not recommend Heirloom as deactivation is required.  Ammunition and Munitions required membership to a prescribed society or a Ammunition Collectors License. 
Legislation permits collecting via a set of values which are Thematic, Commemorative, Historic and Investment.  These values can and do cross over  eg A specific historic firearm used in a theme (ie Allied and Axis arms).  Themes are individual ideals or where your interest lies.   Collecting does take considerable effort, time and funding.  Our knowledge and assistance is free with membership. Certain firearms cannot be possessed in an operable condition however


Basic Application Steps for Weapons Licensing Queensland
​1. Safety courses  to cover  categories A,B, C, H.  Collectors safety covers all deactivated D, R and H.
2. A a detailed cover letter outlining your genuine interest. We have a template to follow.
3. Application for a collectors License online or in paper form. 

Membership Application

The application form can in the forms page section.  

  • New applications will require verifiable references.

  • Copies of licenses (including interstate or overseas and drivers license)

  • Please do not hand write the form - our forms are a usable PDF format.

  • The form will self complete where the same information is required in multiple locations
  • Membership is only completed once forms, copies of licenses and fees are received.  A QP517 will be issued.

  • Membership is annual starting on the 1st of July finishing 30 June the following. Pro Rata is not available.
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