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Queensland currently has 6 fairs that include Arms and Ammunition. Events are privately operated under an authority issued by the Queensland Weapons Licensing and Explosives Inspectorate.

The fairs are primarily about the history surrounding firearms. Displays often have arms from all around the world and the accessories that were used.  Antiques, photographs, flags, ordnance, ammunition and modern arms are commonly available. 

Often incredible finds are discovered at these events  in 2018 A percussion shotgun purchased for $300 turned out to be a Chavelis Dragoon made in 1812.  A standard Snider rifle turned out to be Boshin Snider (used against the Samurai)

Event Contacts

Brisbane RNA

Regional Show

Show Grounds

The Coastal Show

Paul Brush 0412 562 252

Paul Fowkes 0427741148 


15-16 April

17-18 July ?

14-15 Oct ?

Dan Watson



20-21 May 2023

19-20 Aug 2023

Gordan Macray

0428 865 204


18-19 June 2022

Paul Fowkes 0427741148 

Paul Brush 0412 562 252

Date to be set Octobr

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